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Why get an area rug?

Area rugs are beautiful and add a pop of color, but they do so much more than that. A simple area rug can define any space and make a smaller room look bigger. They also add a cozy element to living rooms and dining rooms. You also have flexibility when it comes to placement, and there are so many sizes and designs available. 

Stylish protection

Area rugs aren't just aesthetically pleasing. They're functional, too! With the right rug pad, area rugs protect hard-surface flooring from heavy traffic and furniture. They can also be used to hide any minor imperfections on your existing carpet or floor.

Area Rugs beautiful and pop of color | Kopp's Carpet & Decorating
Stylish protection | Kopp's Carpet & Decorating
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Surya Area Rug | Kopp's Carpet & Decorating

Do I need a rug pad?

Rug pads aren't technically required, but we recommend them! They stabilize your rugs, which will keep them from sliding around as you step on them. Additionally, a good rug pad adds softness and comfort to the rug beneath. And, as we mentioned above, they'll offer extra protection for hard-surface flooring underneath. 

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Your area rugs need proper care and maintenance to keep them looking and feeling their best. Follow these simple tips from the experts.

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